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IS2U's misson is to establish long lasting and quality relationships with clients through the presentation of exceptional IT service. As owners of a number of businesses, our vision is to maintain an IT company that offers a premium service to clients across Canada.

When we founded IS2U, we made it our goal as a company to offer a broader range of services and ensure our clients that they can come to us for a majority of IT requirements and problems they may face. We know that we might not have all the expertise in house however the relationships we have built with other trusted consultant’s, truly complete our service offerings. We want to bring the best to the table with any project that is brought to us.

We here at IS2U, feel that no matter what size of company you have, IT plays a critical role in its success. Many companies lack the time and resources to find new technologies that could be applied to their businesses, resulting in a loss of productivity and revenues. We take the quality time to understand your business and look at where technology could be applied or changed to improve the overall efficiency.

We also understand that not everyone has the same schedule of 9-5pm, 5 days a week; IS2U can accommodate any time that is convenient for you and your business. We are aware of the constant and rapid change in technology and we also understand that keeping up on the latest available technology is a daunting task for anyone. Every year we attend a number of trade shows in North America which enables us to evaluate and further our knowledge regarding the newest and most efficient technology worldwide - including but not limited to software and hardware. As a company, it is IS2U's honest belief that we must strive to keep abreast, not only what is being offered out there technology wise but as well a promise to our clients that they can come to us knowing we are keeping a pulse on what’s new in the world of technology.